Dubai is a luxurious place with a plethora of hotels and restaurants. People from all over the world come to Dubai to get indulge in its rich culture. You can find a number of shops near La Rosa VillaNova Dubai, JBR, and other residential places. Though, the shops that stand out the most are given below. If you want an apartment for sale in Dubai then contact Fam Properties

Ice Cream Lab

The Ice Cream Lab, located near the Dubai Ice Rink within the Dubai Mall, is everything you need to survive the Middle Eastern sun! This shop serves both ice cream and milkshakes, as the name implies. The thing that sets them apart from everyone is the way they make their icecreams. They make their ice cream by freezing fresh ingredients with liquid nitrogen and making it personally in front of your eyes. Aside from the visually beautiful experience of watching your ice cream being made, the products they use are 100% natural and healthy.

Shakespeare and Co.

This shop is located in the center of Dubai but is designed in such a way that it will give you the ambiance of 18th century England. The interior is a fantasy roleplaying an older Europe, complete with stylish furnishings. Teas, coffees, breakfasts, crepes, and ice cream are all available in this restaurant. The view from the outdoor seating is admired, as is the quality of the food, particularly for the price. This cafe brought home the 2018 BBC Good Food Awards!


This shop sells an extensive range of elegant and exclusive desserts, many of which are made for a healthy appetite and a lot of skill. SugarMoo is a pastel, sweet, fantastical, and delectable brand. Classic flavors like Red Velvet are available, as well as Arabic-inspired flavors like Kunafeh. If vegan alternatives are needed or desired, they are available.

Sugaholic Bakeshop

This bakery is the recipient of Zomato’s Best Desserts in Dubai Contest. Sugaholic Bakeshop is a famous dessert venue in Dubai, with a lively interior and delectable cakes and cupcakes. Their cakes are special, sweet, and perfect, close to the cakes you’d find in food videos online. The idea for this shop was born out of a desire to raise funds for a child’s education in India. They expanded to support even more children as a result, as well as branching out to various humanitarian organizations such as disaster relief.

Brownie Point

This bakery, located in Dubai’s Karama neighborhood, is a popular destination for food lovers. They have a large variety of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, biscuits, and puddings, so you’ll have no problem choosing anything to eat. They also sell personalized desserts, for which they provide a detailed guide on their webpage. Their cakes are all completely vegetarian, and they provide cakes without eggs.

GOSSIP Cafe & Desserts

GOSSIP Cafe and Desserts is a fine dining restaurant in Dubai that is located near the coast in the Al Wasl District. GOSSIP is a local Emirati brand with a distinct streamlined and contemporary aesthetic. The menu includes a selection of cakes and breakfast/dessert pieces. The food seems to be delicious, and the café’s 300 ratings contribute to the standard of the service and food.

Billo Ice Cream

This brightly colored shop in the Al Qusais neighborhood is a popular spot for ice cream and milkshakes. They serve a variety of meals driven by Pakistani cuisine, switching between Eastern and Western flavors. Falooda, a sweet drink common in the Indian subcontinent, is their specialty. You can relax in there for a meal, but if you’re in a hurry, the shop even has a drive-in!

Pascal Tepper French Bakery

Pascal Tepper Bakery, situated near the Palm Jumeirah in the center of Dubai, is a popular location for all sorts of desserts and other baked goods. This bakery, which is inspired by European cuisine will serve your favorite breakfast snacks, such as croissants, waffles, crême brulée, English muffins, and more.

The aforementioned places will surely provide you the most mouth-watering desserts that you have ever tasted. With the current pandemic is on its end, there may be a sudden spike in the arrival of ex-pats from all over the world. To cater to their needs, residential units are available in villas for sale in Dubai to provide you with a fine lifestyle.

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