I want to share a little-known but very effective life management tactic from Bob Scheinfeld. Suppose you’re creating a new house. What do you would like to have in your house? You might start with a dream set of all the things that you would like. But when you came to actually building the house, do you give that dream list to the architect or builder? Much more likely you decrease the list to a perfect list predicated on your wants, needs and finances.

Imagine the builder had taken your list and said “looks good let’s get started. How about we come close to tomorrow and dig the foundations.”

Does this sound great? NO. Because you may still find too many unknowns. Suppose you requested the builder “how long will it take?” He says “nearly sure about a few months maybe.” You ask “just how much will it cost?”. รับสร้างบ้าน Again he replies “UNCERTAIN”. He remains on though and claims “We work very difficult. We’ll be here every day. We are always busy.”

Would you feel confident dealing with this builder? Probably not.

The builder does not have any documented plan. You have no plan for your house. Would you build a house with no plan? Needless to say not. You not only want an overall plan, nevertheless, you want details specifications and expenses. For example, even if the builder had a general plan, you still need “mini plans”. How can you ensure that your house has electricity, gets the right wattage and contains surge protection? AND that all the outlets are where you need them? You have a “mini plan for the electricity wiring and outlets.

Just about everyone wants more time.

OK. Let’s bring this back again to making time in your daily life. If you want to find time you must consider building your week like everyone else create a house. Planning and time management are like the plans you would use to build your house.

1. You must know what you want and have an overall plan on how to achieve it
2. You must create mini plans that fit within the overall plan

You can choose the time frame involved with your plan – A LIFETIME – a week OR any time span in between. I suggest you start with a year, then have a monthly small plan, a weekly mini approach and a daily micro plan. I’m convinced that the weekly mini plan is the key to making more time. I believe the weekly plan is where you take your targets and make enough time to work on them.

Think about that for a minute.

Most people want more time, YET, when I ask them what they would do with the time, they don’t really really know. They have hardly ever really thought through just what they’d do with it should they got it. Or, they will have some vague ideas, however they haven’t really thought about it in depth. AND, they will have not reflected on how they might use the time in regards to their life mission and goal.

I’ve surely got to be brutally honest with you now for a minute. It is possible to bitch, moan and complain about devoid of enough time all you want. But until you GET that to make time you must have a plan, then your life will like be building your new home with no plans.

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